Please fill out the form fields below to provide information for your Association's online registration. This information will be sent to Daryl and Avery. As well, a copy of this information will be emailed to the registrar's email address. Please note that any fields not filled out could delay the launching of your online registration.

Once it is setup you will be contacted with an online registration link specific to your Association. If you have any questions please email Daryl at or call 604-941-6001.

For more details about the program please view this PDF: BCLA_Online_Registration_Details.pdf

1. Association Information

Please provide the full and proper name of your association and the complete mailing address along with website URL, email, phone and fax.

2. Registrar Information

This is where you will receive registration confirmation emails.

3. Payment Methods

Indicate which payment method(s) you would like to accept. For PayPal and E-Transfer, also indicate the email address associated with the account. * Note, the merchant account method can take up to two months to setup.

4. Service Fees

Do you wish to have a per registrant service fee applied to any of the above payment methods? If so, indicate them below. These can be either a flat dollar amount or a percentage. They are added to each player regsistration.

5. Payment Method Instructions

These are the messages communicated to parents after successful registration for each payment method.

6. General Information

This is the place for general statements about your association. Things that don't fit in any of the other fields.

7. Options

This is the place to specify association optional step instructions.

Here you can explain the options you would like, the name, price, etc.

8. Discounts

Do you offer any registration discounts (family or amount of people)? Examples:

  • Oldest child pays full price, any additional child gets 25% off.
  • Regular price for two oldest children, $30 for each additional child.
  • Note: The system CANNOT determine if it is a new or returning player. Consequently any discounts for new players have to be done manually AFTER the registration process. Example verbiage to use: $25 discount for new players to be refunded after registration is completed.

9. Refund Policy

What is the Association's refund policy?

10. Registration Fee Table

If planning to use early bird or late fees, be sure to pick the date these fees end and start. You can do this by clicking the calendar box on the right side of the fields below. Be sure to choose a date and time, we usually use 11:59pm to avoid confusion.

Fees Early Bird Regular Late
U5 Field
U7 Field
U9 Field
U11 Field
U13 Field
U15 Field
U18 Field
Youth (U8) Women's
Youth (U12) Women's
Junior (U15) Women's
Junior (U19) Women's