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Deanna Cox

Registration Fees
Division Year Born Age Early Bird+ / Regular / Late*
Mini-Tyke 2013-2014 5-6 $170.00 / $200.00 / $200.00
Tyke 2011-2012 7-8 $220.00 / $250.00 / $250.00
Novice 2009-2010 9-10 $290.00 / $320.00 / $320.00
PeeWee 2007-2008 11-12 $310.00 / $340.00 / $440.00
Bantam 2005-2006 13-14 $320.00 / $350.00 / $450.00
Midget 2003-2004 15-16 $340.00 / $370.00 / $470.00
Tyke (Female) 2011-2012 7-8 $215.00 / $245.00 / $245.00
Novice (Female) 2009-2010 9-10 $285.00 / $315.00 / $315.00
PeeWee (Female) 2007-2008 11-12 $305.00 / $335.00 / $335.00
Bantam (Female) 2005-2006 13-14 $315.00 / $345.00 / $345.00
Midget (Female) 2003-2004 15-16 $335.00 / $365.00 / $365.00
+Early bird fees in effect until February 15, 2019 at 11:59pm
*Late fees in effect on February 28, 2019 at 11:59pm
All registration fees are in Canadian dollars (CAD).

Discount Information

Regular price for the first 2 children and then 1/2 for each additional child.

General Information

Never played lacrosse before? Mini-Tyke, Tyke and Novice registrants - plus all ages of Female registrants - who are new to lacrosse this season will get a free lacrosse stick courtesy of the Surrey Lacrosse Association. Please inquire with coaches at the FREE drop in sessions (from January to March) or your specific team coach in order to receive your stick.

Due to the size of our Association, releasing of players to another association may occur if we do not have enough players to form teams. Executive and coaches will keep players/parents informed of these decisions.

Once teams have been established there will also be team fees to pay for tournaments, team expenses, etc.

Shorts are included in the registration fee. Please also watch the Surrey Lacrosse website for updated try-outs/practice times.

Sponsorship Payment module
For those wishing to use KidSport or other funding options, please select the Sponsorship Payment module. Instructions will be included in the confirmation email.

eTransfer Payment Option
For those wishing to pay via eTransfer, please select the eTransfer Payment Option. Instructions will be included in the confirmation email.

Try Outs for A or B Teams
For Novice and older divisions, we offer the option of trying out for our 'A' or 'B' teams. This involves some extra floor and box time as well as the use of Independent Evaluators, which has a cost associated to it. For this reason, we charge a fee to cover the cost of those tryouts. You will see this option as you step through the registration process.

PLEASE NOTE: The CUT OFF for tryout signups for this season has been changed to FEBRUARY 21ST!!. After that date you will no longer be able to signup for tryouts.

For all PeeWee and higher divisions, Baseline Concussion Testing is required for all players.

Not completing the required baseline concussion testing prior to April 1 of the playing year will result in the player not being able to play until Testing is completed and confirmed.

PLEASE NOTE: We have a new policy that REALLY LATE fees will kick in as of MARCH 1ST for the PeeWee, Bantam and Midget boys divisions.

This is intended to encourage all players in those divisions to register prior to March 1st to better prepare for the season and determine early if releases are necessary in those divisions.

This does not apply to the Novice and lower or the Female only divisions.

Terms and Conditions

As the parent/guardian of the child(ren) I am registering, I confirm that all information I submit is accurate. If it is determined at any time after the registration is processed, that I have registered with an association that is outside of my residential catchment area, and the proper release has not been obtained from the local commission, the registration shall be deemed null and void and my money refunded.

I accept:

Payment Methods Accepted

PayPal  Sponsorship  E-Transfer 

Refund Policy

Refund Policy Refunds of registration fees must be applied for in writing/email to the club registrar and are subject to the following:

1. Full refund, less $25.00, upon receipt of request prior to February 28.
2. Full refund, less 50%, upon receipt of request between March 1 and March 31.
3. No refund after April 1 with the exception being a valid medical reason that occurs during the first two weeks of the regular season.
4. All refunds to new players that received a "FREE" stick on registration will follow the above refund policies less $50.00 for the stick. The stick shall be kept by the player.
5. Female players. All efforts will be made to create complete female teams in the divisions offered. If Surrey Lacrosse cannot form a complete female team, the following options will be offered to each player:
A) Transfer to male team,
B) Release to another Association or
C) Full refund. If release or full refund is chosen, policy 4 above will apply.

Privacy Policy

All information collected during registration will only be used by my local lacrosse association and the British Columbia Lacrosse Association for registration purposes. The information collected will not be shared with any parties outside of the BC Lacrosse Association and its members.

For website technical issues, please contact support@sportregistration.com